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About us

About us

In the realities of a highly competitive market, finding a FEA Partner you can trust has become a complex but important issue. Shipping and customs clearance are the key points to any business. For more than 20 years we have been honing and improving ourselves as a partner:

  • Reduce your costs → due to which we build up your production capacity and increase your freight flows.
  • Integrate into your production processes → find bottlenecks in your supply chain and optimise them by reducing risks.
  • Change standard approaches to suit your needs → flexibility instead of bureaucracy for an enjoyable partnership.

2021-2022 is the time of optimization of our company. We have reduced our recruitment costs and increased our fleet procurement to improve our strategic resource planning and avoid having to depend on external factors. As our client you can be assured that any project or delivery will be completed on time. If you are close to a mutually beneficial partnership approach, value your time and count your resources, contact INBS!

  • The whole range of transport and customs clearance services.
  • We analyze and predict risks so you can avoid them.
  • 24/7 tracking of cargo movements and paperwork processes.
  • React quickly to changes in plans.
Company History

Creation of the company, start of work on customs clearance and delivery of cargo within the Russian Federation.


Exit with transportation to Europe and active development.


Getting started with project and oversized cargo.


The beginning of transportation from China.


Cargo clearance in distant regions: Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg.


Obtaining the first license of a customs broker.


Launch of our own combined delivery line from Europe.


Creating our own fleet and opening an office in Poland.


Opening of a branch in Smolensk.


Issued > 160,000 declarations

Working with Customs at all levels

Transported > 700,000 t. of cargo

All types of transport

Customer service 24/7

Round-the-clock specialist consultation about your cargo

We do the hard part for you!

We know perfectly well how difficult it is to organise delivery on your own, so we take care of all the work: developing the best route, paperwork, selecting transport, insurance, careful loading and unloading.